In a world of disposable Chinese Junk and impersonal brief communication, you’re wanting for something that will last... Something that will take some wear and still look good .. maybe even better than when you got it. You're in the right place!

I use super-tough, vegetable-tanned 7 ounce leather for all my cuffs, gauntlets bracelets and wallets. My pants are made of high quality deer-tanned leather.  Its soft and extremely durable.

Everything I make is hand stitched using 277 weight waxed nylon thread.  My stuff will outlast you,  and you will be able to pass it along to your kids. 

I stand behind my products. I've been doing this since 2007 I've made over 3000 wrist cuffs at the time of this writing. Only 4 have come back for a failure of some type.  One for a new buckle and one for a popped rivet , one to get re-dyed and shined up and one that a guys dog chewed up which I didn't really think was my fault but I fixed it anyway.

If the item you buy has a hardware failure or something breaks just send it back and I’ll fix it or make you a new one.  That’s how confident I am that my stuff is made to last!  

Shoot me an email me with your ideas and questions:  shane@easternoregonleather.com