Measure Your Wrist


All of our cuffs are made specifically for your wrist. In order to provide you with a proper fit, we ask that you take a few moments to measure your wrist carefully. Measure your wrist over and around the wrist bone using a measuring tape or a piece of paper. You want to measure is the distance around your wrist. This is important so please make sure it is accurate.

You can accomplish this with either a flexible measuring tape or by cutting a strip of paper and wrapping it around your wrist.

You should not confuse this distance with the total length of the band, which will be greater.

Make sure your measurement is Exact,  especially if the piece you are ordering has snaps instead of a buckle.   We'll take it from there, and make allowances for such considerations as breathing room.


You can also use the approximate sizing below:

Bracelet Measurement
Newborn 4.25 ins.
3 – 6 mos. 4.5 ins.
6 – 12 mos. 4.75 ins.
12 – 18 mos. 5 ins.
18 - 24 mos. 5.5 ins.
2 - 3 yrs. 5.75 ins.
4 - 5 yrs. 6 ins.
6 - 7 yrs. 6.5 ins.
8 – 12 yrs. 6.75 ins.
Adult Petite 7 ins.
Adult Small 7.25 ins.
Adult Medium 7.5 ins.
Adult Large 7.75 ins.
Adult XLarge 8 ins.

Take the Time to Measure Carefully.  If a  resize is necessary there may be an additional charge to re-make your item.

To avoid resizing and additional charges; please, please, measure before ordering. I realize many times my bracelets and cuffs are given as gifts but it is costly not to measure. It takes me just as long to re-make a bracelet or cuff.  Almost always if I do a resize I have to remake the entire item. 

All of my products are custom made, personalized items made specifically for you. I have taken great care in providing accurate, detailed online images of my cuffs and bracelets so you can see exactly what you are purchasing. They are returnable for repair or correction for workmanship or quality issues only. If I made a mistake it will be corrected at my expense.  Please shoot us an email if we can be of further assistance.