Chiropractic Activator Tool Holster

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Speak with a member of our friendly shop staff for assistance with this item including customizations (800) 916-2709 This is a custom item made for a local Chiropractic Physician.  It is a holster for an Activator Tool .. Very specific .. I know,  but you can't tell me there aren’t other Chiropractors out there who wouldn’t like a cool holster like this for their Activator!  The color is Caramel/Tan.  Just to kick it up a notch I added a Brass Star snap with complementing  brass rivets.  The leather is 6-7 Oz quality thick cowhide. The pouch is pretty tight and will hold your Activator in place.  Looks great with casual business attire!  Thanks to Dr. Jason Kehr of Kehr Chiropractic in LaGrande, OR for coming up with this great concept and helping to design it!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review