Item 101810 Rimmer Leather Watch Gauntlet

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Product Overview

Speak with a member of our friendly shop staff for assistance with this item including customizations (800) 916-2709 A Truly custom extra wide watch cuff.  Measuring 6 inches wide and cut to fit your arm when you order this cuff can be worn with or without a watch.  Featuring leather lacing across the back with a soft leather tongue to accommodate large and small wrist forearm size.  Hand-branded Greek design across the top. The dye is deep blood-red with forest green trim across the wrist.  This was a special request from a customer who wanted something truly unique! Six inches long and sized to fit your arm when you order.  Does not include the watch face;  however if you send me your face I will mount it on your new cuff at no charge.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review