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I always have a Custom Leather Project going.  Here are some of the Custom Projects I have completed recently ..

cod-levis.jpg cod-levis-11.jpg instagram-2.jpg

Cod-Style Leather Jeans - Although it seems like every pair of Leather Jeans I make are custom in some way this pair featuring a Cod-Style zipper,  Side Stripe and Levi-Style rear pockets seems to be the Favorite!  These are adapted from a 501 pattern.

 patchwork-1-1.jpg patchwork-2.jpg   patchwork-3.jpg
Patchwork Leather Jeans - My Favorite pair of Leather Jeans.  Made from pieces of leather these are a labor of love!  Every time I duplicate these;  depending on the pieces available they look a bit different which makes them truly custom!



 Custom Carved Gauntlet - I love doing this type of stuff!  I got a customer who orders custom carved gauntlets from time to time.  




Custom Gauntlets and Harness - Halloween is a favorite time around the Leather Shop.  This is a set of Zak Wilde Style Gauntlets and a Leather Harness I made for a customer to complete his costume.   
shell-holder-1.jpg shellholder-2.jpg shellholder-3.jpg
Bullet Case - A Customer ordered three of these as Christmas Gifts.    It holds 10 shells and has belt loops for attaching it to your belt.
benspants-1.jpg benspants-2.jpg benspants-3.jpg
Custom Leather Jeans in Honey Tan - I don't always do black.  This is a pair of Custom Jeans made for a Leather Lover over in the UK.