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Our writers love leather and have unrivaled experience working as crafters – they really do know everything there is to know about the material.

This website aims to bring honest reviews about products that will benefit our readers. We want to help as many people as possible, covering a range of topics that aim to answer the many questions consumers and leather crafters may have.


If you own leather, you know that the care regime you give to the material is vital in maintaining its look and feel. Proper care and attention also add longevity to your leather products, so this isn’t something to be underestimated.

Eastern Oregon Leather looks at and recommends the best equipment, cleaning methods, and conditioning products so that your leather is always looking its best.


Those who work with leather require the best leatherwork tools to perfect a project.

At Eastern Oregon Leather, we have experience making all sorts of leather items and have come together to create a resource that lets our fellow leather lovers know which tools will aid them.

For leather work, you want equipment that is precise, easy to use, and won’t need replacing after only a few bits of work.

Allow us at Eastern Oregon Leather to show you where you should be looking for quality tools.


Leathercraft is a skill that takes a long time to hone. The most experienced crafters were beginners once and had to learn their trade from scratch.

As the years go by, some leather crafting techniques disappear, and new ones become popular.

Here at Eastern Oregon Leather , we aim to educate beginners about leather crafting techniques old, new, popular, and slightly out there. We also hope to give experienced crafters insights into methods they may not have used before.


At Eastern Oregon Leather, we love using leather products, whether it is supple leather for clothes or rigid leather used for items like boxes. It can be something simple and small like a wallet or something huge like a sofa – leather is simply great.

However, not all leathers and not all leather products are of equal quality. We aim to bring you honest reviews about leather products to determine what is value for money and what will last a long time.