About Shane

Shane is a writer and a leather enthusiast, with over a decades experience of blogging and writing for numerous websites, who has taken their love of all things leather and decided to write so that others can gain valuable insight on products that are out there on the market.

Whether it’s leather products or advice on how to care for leather, Shane has a decade of experience bringing articles to the consumer so that they can tell the difference between a great purchase and one that will leave them regretting spending their money.

Because Shane is aware that everybody works hard to earn a wage, he ensures that all his reviews are honest and to the point. He would never recommend a product or a maintenance technique that he himself wouldn’t use.

Shane understands how frustrating it can be for a consumer to make choices; that’s why he uses his knowledge to help his audience make informed decisions. He enjoys the whole process of finding products, testing products, and then writing about products, which is why he keeps pushing out the articles.

With Shane, you are always guaranteed riveting reviews and in-depth knowledge sharing.