Best Leather Hand Press

Once you get involved with leatherwork, you will notice that doing everything by hand can get exhausting. But one needs to keep up with everyone in the industry to succeed and look like a pro hand, right? That leads us to ask what the best leather hand press can do for our leather projects?

It is good to seek the help of some tools to increase your pace and work quality, and a leather hand press is one such tool used to easily accomplish the work of making eyelets, spots, rivets, double cap rivets, snaps, grommets, etc.

So, we will review some of our favorite hand presses to help you choose one and take your work to the next level!

List Of Leather Hand Press

  1. Fasttobuy Leather Hole Puncher
  2. Vevor Leather Cutting Machine
  3. Dyroubo Grommet Kit
  4. Hobby Trend Essential Rivet Setting Kit
  5. Beamnova Grommet Machine
  6. Yescom Handpress Grommet Machine
  7. Palmgren Ton Arbor Press
  8. Ete Emate Leather Hole Puncher

Comparison Chart For Top 8 Leather Hand Press

FASTTOBUY LEATHER HOLE PUNCHERHole Punching, Pronging, Stamping Processed  LeatherChuck, PP Plate, Aluminum Plate14.3 Pounds
VEVOR LEATHER CUTTING MACHINECutting, Pressing, EmbossingLeather, Fabric, Pvc, Plastic, Rubber, Soft Board   1.5 Ton
DYROUBO GROMMET KITPutting On EyeletsLeather, Fabric, Canvas, Flannel, Nylon, Acrylic, Suede, And Other Fabrics200 Pcs 6mm Golden Eyelet, 200 Pcs 6mm Silver Eyelet  7.8 Ounces
HOBBY TREND ESSENTIAL RIVET SETTING KITRivet SettingLeather, Fabric, Canvas, Tarps, Tent, And Cloth Made Items2mm Hole Punch, 7 Mm Single Cap, 7 Mm Double Cap, 9 Mm Single Cap, And 9 Mm Double Cap Rivet Dies5 Pounds
BEAMNOVA GROMMET MACHINEMaking Holes, Putting EyeletsBanners, Signs, Awnings, Posters, Curtains, Digital Printing, Scrapbooking, Corsets, Belts, Bags, Shoes 1 Grommet Machine. 1 Wrench Cover. 3 Set Of Dies, 1500 Sets Of Grommets14.13 Pounds
YESCOM HANDPRESS GROMMET MACHINEMaking Holes, Putting EyeletsBanners, Signs, Awnings, Posters, Curtains, Digital Printing, Corsets, Belts, Clothing, Bags, Shoes, And More 3 Dies & 900 Grommets17.01 Pounds
PALMGREN TON ARBOR PRESSRiveting, Squeezing, Punching, Bending, And Other Pressing ApplicationsLeatherHole Punch Accessories19 Pounds
ETE EMATE LEATHER HOLE PUNCHERPunching, Embossing, And Stamping Processes  LeatherChuck, PP Plate, Aluminum Plate15.47 Pounds

Best Leather Hand Presses reviews

1. Fasttobuy Leather Hole Puncher

Reasons To Buy

  1. Does an amazing job at pressing leather.
  2. Work plate has a scale that allows easy measurements.
  3. Hardware is very durable.
  4. This craftool doesn’t make noise during operation.

Reasons To Avoid

  • The rivets may rust with the passage of time.
  • Cannot prong.
  • Works only with sizes assigned.

With the ability to stamp, punch and prong leather, the FASTTOBUY Leather Hole Puncher will be an amazing addition to all leather workshops. It functions perfectly well and helps users achieve their set of goals quickly and efficiently.

Best Feature

The machine itself is very durable, with hexagon socket screws that firmly hold the structure together, ensuring nothing interferes with your work.

A labor-saving spring allows easy, effortless punches, as the name suggests.

Additional Assistance

When bought, the machine comes along with two Allen spanners, a PP plate, an aluminum plate, and a manual that contains straightforward steps which will assist you in setting up the machine.

Safety First

One can then use the machine to safely make their desired punches or holes without the usual hammering method, leading to users getting hurt.

Another amazing feature is the work plate itself, which has a scale that will help you automatically measure the gap between two holes without requiring an extra ruler; this work plate has a length of 150 mm and a width of 130 mm.

Did You Know?

An adjustable stamping range with a maximum of 21 cm is available, so you are free to choose whichever length your product demands.

One can save by using their prongs or punching tool as long as their diameter is within the stated range: 1.5 mm to 13 mm.

2. Vevor Leather Cutting Machine

Reasons To Buy

  1. Does the job with the quality of a $1000+ branded machine.
  2. Easy to set up.
  3. Great stability when in use.
  4. An excellent press for small projects.
  5. It cuts time on making all leather projects.

Reasons To Avoid

  • Extremely heavy.
  • Lever requires extra effort to pull.

Best Feature

Do you want to be spending $1000+ on a branded cutting/pressing machine when you can get a machine equally as good at a fraction of the cost?

That’s right; this machine will do the job of a machine with an enormous price tag with the same quality.

Yes, the machine may be a little heavier, and its levers are slightly less oiled than those costlier machines, but these are insignificant issues for the price you are paying.

Great With All Types Of Leather

Whether using a thicker 9 to 11 oz leather or opting for something thinner like a delicate 2 oz lambskin, this press has the quality required to cut and press to perfection.

You will experience no issues, no matter the type of leather you work with.

Strong And Durable

Whatever money is being paid, you want a press that will stand the test of time. This will constructed tool looks like it is built to last, and that is because it has been forged from 45 black anodized cold-drawn steel.

Cold drawn steel looks better and saves you money as it requires less machining in the production process.

Did You Know?

You can use this machine with so much more than leather! PVC, plastics, rubber, soft board, and much more can be pressed and cut with the Vevor Leather Cutting Machine.

3. Dyroubo Grommet Eyelet Pliers Kit

Reasons To Buy

  1. Comes with 400 grommets (often sold separately); they are available in both silver and golden color.
  2. The plier is easy to carry around.
  3. Plier is durable while allowing comfortable usage.
  4. A video is given that allows you to learn the process easily.
  5. It is very easy to use.

Reason To Avoid

  • Grommets are not durable.
  • Grommets don’t come with any washers; they need to be bought separately.

Best Feature

Even though this article is for leather hand presses, we found a related product worthy enough to deserve mention in this list.

This tool is used to grommet, a process where eyelets are inserted into holes to allow things like lace or thread to pass through them without causing harm to the leather.

The Perfect Kit

The Dyroubo Grommet hand press set consists of a plier that helps put the eyelets, 200 pieces of 6 mm golden eyelets, and 200 more pieces of 6mm silver eyelets, making it a perfect kit for all leather workers.

Durable And Lightweight

The plier itself is durable while still being lightweight, allowing it to be carried around.

It is chrome plated and made of carbon steel, while the handles have an anti-friction plastic covering that prevents the plier from slipping from one’s hand while also ensuring a comfortable grip.

Did You Know?

The plier can put on eyelets in different materials like fabric, leather, plastic, acrylic, canvas, suede, and more, making it a much-desired item.

People can use it to insert eyelets in belts, shoes, corsets, and many other fabrics.

4. Hobby Trendy Essential Rivet Setting Kit

Reasons To Buy

  1. Setting up the process is very straightforward.
  2. Functions amazingly.
  3. Quickly gets the job done.
  4. If you need a die, five dies are gifted along with the product.
  5. Can use it effortlessly; it doesn’t require a great deal of muscle power to operate.

Reasons To Avoid

  • The rivets are not rust-free.

Best Feature

This rivet setting kit comes with a hand press, a 2mm hole punch, and four different rivet dies of sizes 7 mm and 9mm single and double caps in a single box.

A Durable Piece Of Equipment

The machine is available in three colors: red, blue and navy. You won’t find many leathercraft machines that come with color options during your search. It is durable and will serve leather goods manufacturers efficiently for a long time.

Users can choose whichever suits their taste and work on their leather and other materials like fabric, tents, canvas, tarps, and other cloth-based items.

Flawless End Product

One can make flawless rivets using this machine that is very easy to set up and even easier to use. A very low cost compared to other leather hand press machines helps users save money while still making superior quality products that customers appreciate.

Besides that, users are bound to have no regret about their buy due to the outstanding functionality. So, waste no time and visit the assigned link to grab the product if it suits your needs!

Did You Know?

Overall, this incredibly affordable rivet setting kit is suitable for both professionals and beginners’ workshops.

Buying Guide For Best Hand Press

When it comes to leatherwork, we know all the crafters want the best at the most reasonable price to enrich their working journey and increase the quality of their products.

So, when buying a machine, like the leather hand press, one needs to focus on some of its important properties and factors.


As you might have already noticed, some hand press machines allow you only to make holes, while others also come with features that enable stamping, embossing, riveting or pronging. Which one should you choose?

Before buying, acknowledge what kind of work you need to be done. If you only need a device for one purpose, e.g., riveting, then you can buy a hand press that only allows that line of work.

If, however, you want to use your hand press machine for many types of work like stamping, punching, riveting, etc., then only should you use your money to buy a multi-purpose hand press.


Money is always an important factor. When starting leatherwork, all the required tools and machines can add up to make a big hole in your bank account.

Thus, instead of splurging, focus on finding one within your budget.

Many tend to have the misconception that only the costly hand presses function well. This is not true. Like the ones we have reviewed, many affordable hand presses function just as well and are bound to serve their purpose for a long time. Do not force yourself to choose the overly expensive ones!

Set Up Process

Most hand presses are already set up, requiring only to be mounted onto your workbench before use.

However, if your hand press needs to be assembled, make sure it comes with an instruction manual or video that will help you install it without any hassle.


Dies will play an important role in your hand-pressing journey; they will also majorly affect the look of your product. Hence, before buying, check which kind of dies are supported by the hand press machine. Sometimes, you will need to buy dies separately.

Check the maximum diameter range that your machine supports to ensure that the dies you will buy in the future will be within that range.


It is the workplace that fuels one’s creativity. How big is your workspace? How much space can you assign to the hand press? Do you need your hand press to be lightweight?

When buying a hand press, remember to keep its dimensions and weight in mind. You do not want to regret your buy due to it not fitting properly into your workplace.


When you shop for the best leather hand press, you want to ensure you will get something durable that adds quality to your overall leatherwork.

By far the most superior press on this list, just for the sheer number of functions it performs, is the Vevor Leather Cutting Machine.

If you are prepared to spend a few hundred dollars on this equipment, you will have a device that takes your leather projects to a whole new level.

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