How To Protect Leather Car Seats From Child Car Seats

It is imperative to keep children safe when driving, and car seats are one way to do that.

However, if you have leather car seats, placing a child seat can lead to damage.

Today, we will go through 5 easy ways to protect leather car seats from child car seats so that you won’t face any issues with scratches and abrasions that cannot be removed.

How To Protect Leather Seats From Car Seats?

1. Call The Experts In

Professionals exist in every field to do the jobs we can’t do or aren’t confident about doing. The same applies to your leather car seats. There are people out there who know just how to place child seats on leather in a way that keeps everything damage-free.

If you need a professional, you are looking for an upholsterer. They will know exactly what to do.

An upholsterer will know where to put the child car seat and what type of placement is best for your leather seats. They can also advise you if any extra items are needed between the child seat and the leather to protect it better.

Protecting your child is of the utmost importance, and the upholstery expert will ensure that the child seat is at its most secure, tight enough to protect both your child and your leather seats.

You’ll also want to get the expert to check that your child’s seat is the right weight. If your child is too heavy for the seat, then chances are you will get damage to your leather due to excess pressure being placed on the material.

The professional will ensure everything is in place to avoid child seat wobble, which is one of the surefire ways of getting damaged leather. With everything tightened by the professional, this disaster can be avoided.

2. It’s Time For The Mats

It is sliding child seats that cause the most damage to your leather, and one way to avoid this is by using a mat.

Mats come in all forms, materials, and sizes, so you may have to shop around to get one that completely suits your preferences and needs.

Whatever the material you choose, it may be best to buy a mat roll to cut to the size you want. This option means you can decide whether you want a mat just under the child seat or extended slightly beyond it to catch anything your child might spill.

3. Everything Needs A Good Clean And Condition

Well-maintained leather with regular cleaning and conditioning can survive the scratches and blemishes created by a child seat.

However, this kind of maintenance takes a lot of care and attention, so if you choose to do it yourself, there are several things you need to be aware of.

For example, you need to know the type of leather your car seats are made of and the type of cleaner you can use. Different cleaners and conditioners can have different ingredients and pH levels, so you need to ensure the leather you have will not be damaged by the cleaning products you use.

Before cleaning a leather car seat, ensure you have brushed away any dirt or debris that may be on the leather.

You don’t actually need to buy a cleaner for your leather. A simple homemade recipe of water and vinegar can be used with a lint-free cloth to wipe the leather down. Just be sure not to oversaturate the leather with this mixture.

When it comes to conditioning, it is best to buy a conditioner. Ensure you test the conditioner on a small patch of leather that won’t be seen easily to make sure no reactions or darkening of the leather occurs.

If everything is okay, you can go ahead and condition the leather. You’ll need to leave it for a couple of hours at least before returning the child seat to its place.

4. Grab The Shelf Liner Paper

Shelf liner paper is a simple solution. Sit the child seat on top of the liner paper, and it will lessen the indentations a child seat puts in your leather.

Combine doing this with regular cleaning and conditioning if you want your leather to stay looking good.

5. Towels, Towels, Towels

We all have towels, making this method the easiest option for many as well as the cheapest.

You’ll require a thick towel to ensure that maximum protection is gotten. However, placing a towel under a child’s seat should only be used as a short-term measure.

Remember, don’t fold the towel when using it as protection. Folding can result in issues if you ever get into a car accident.

It is better long-term to go for a seat protector.

Is It Safe To Put A Seat Protector Under A Car Seat?

Yes, we didn’t include this option in our top 5 list because we knew it would be a question in and of itself.

Car seat protectors are a great option for protecting your leather seats from the potential wear and tear caused by a child seat.

These protectors are incredibly durable and will ensure that any friction caused by the child seat will not damage the car seat leather.

Car seat protectors come in all forms, from the very basic to those with added features. For example, you can get cart seat protectors that also waterproof the area around the car seat so that if your child drops liquid, the leather will be unaffected.

We all know that kids are prone to a tantrum and could end up throwing something from their car seat. Therefore, you may want to consider buying a protector that spreads beyond the child seat and covers the seats around it as well.

A great option for a protector is the slide-proof cover. This type of cover will ensure your leather maintains its pristine look as you will avoid scratches everywhere.

What Should You Not Put On A Leather Car Seat?

Anything that might spill should not be placed on leather car seats, especially if you will not be able to clean it up quickly.

Leather that becomes saturated could easily become problematic the longer it remains wet, so avoid saturation at all costs.

Additionally, avoid putting the wrong conditioners or leather cleaners onto your seats. Not all leather is the same, and you could end up with reactions that damage the car seats. Therefore, it is important to know everything about your car seat leather and the products you use to clean.

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