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Are you a leather crafter? Dealing with the immense pressure of producing the finest quality goods? Well, the time has come to ditch the old-school ways of cutting and sewing pieces by hand. Instead, why not use some of the available tools to produce amazing quality materials consistently?

With the need to buy tons of equipment that add a huge sum to your expenses, we get why you would at least want the best quality products that will last for a long time. Thus, today we will help you search for one such machine, a clicker press. What is a leather clicker press? How does it work? Which are the best clicker presses?

We will answer all your questions, so tag along to find out!

List Of Clicker Presses

  1. Vevor Leather Cutting Machine
  2. Vevor Leather Cutting Machine
  3. Weaver Leather Mighty Wonder Clicker Press

Best 3 Clicker Press Reviews

Now that you are fairly well acquainted with the press, what they do and how they work, we will review three of our best clicker presses to help you choose a suitable one for working on your leather goods.

1. Vevor Leather Cutting Machine

Reasons To Buy

  1. The body is durable and rustproof, ensuring a long life span.
  2. It is very affordable.
  3. Does not require any maintenance.
  4. It can also be used for stamping and embossing.
  5. Can bear up to 1.5 tons of pressure.

Reasons To Avoid

  • Knobs are too big and require effort to turn.
  • The Allen wrench is a little too big for use.

Best Feature

This black beauty will be an amazing addition to any crafter’s workshop due to its outstanding functionality. The VEVOR leather cutting machine is a bit of equipment with a strongly built body made of cold drawn steel and has an oxidation treated, rust-free surface that makes it durable. Harsh usage is likely to result in very little to no damage due to the sturdiness.

High Pressing Range

A pressing range of 260 x 150 mm allows you to cut leather within that size range, and a pressure of 1.5 tons can be applied using this VEVOR leather cutting machine, allowing some of the easiest and most precise cuts. Such cuts are bound to increase the quality of your goods.

Perfect Cuts

Two guiding shafts allow you to make some of the most precise cuts while also ensuring that the cutting head and supporting frame are perfectly aligned to ensure smooth workflow.

Connected to the guiding shaft is a steel spring made of silicon and manganese, which allows easy control. The massive bottom plate allows a stable place where you can keep your leather and clicker dye. Copper sleeves can self-lubricate, and so you do not need to spend time greasing it down.

One can match the cutting pressure with the thickness due to the adjustable pressure stroke. A minimum thickness of 0.47 inches is supported. The pressure relief pad cuts down on applied stress while still guaranteeing accuracy.

Did You Know?

Different sizes are available, which can be chosen, depending on your workspace, money, and needs.

2. Vevor Leather Cutting Machine

Reasons To Buy

  1. Perfect for those shopping for budget-friendly tools.
  2. A strong, corrosion-resistant body allows it to be durable.
  3. Withstands 1.5 tons of pressure.
  4. Comes with an Allen wrench and spanner.
  5. Equipment is self-lubricating.


  • Allen wrench is a little too big.
  • Big knobs require some effort to turn.


With a bigger pressure range than the previously mentioned leather cutting machine, this VEVOR Leather Cutting Machine allows you to make precision cuts on bigger leather pieces. One can easily produce wallets, purses, shoes, bags, etc., efficiently using this machine within a few minutes.


Made of black anodized cold-drawn steel, it is resistant to corrosion, making it durable and safe for use. Larger loads can easily be supported due to the updated needle bearings.


Two guided shafts are connected with silicon and manganese-based springs, which increases stability; thus, users need to apply less energy to make sure their cuts are perfect. The guiding shafts also ensure that the cutting head is parallel to the supporting frame. Overall, it is lightweight without affecting the durability, due to which even rough usage causes no damages.

One can easily operate the machines using the handle. The springs integrated into the shaft allow less draining of effort, meaning strength doesn’t act as an important factor in the machine’s usage.


Besides cutting, it can also be used for stamping and embossing, making it a much appreciated key tool amongst leather crafters.

3. Weaver Leather Mighty Wonder Clicker Press

Reasons To Buy

  1. An instruction sheet is provided that clearly states using process.
  2. Allows the most effortless click due to the long handle.
  3. Handle height is adjustable. One can choose any height and angle that suits them.
  4. Material thickness and dye adjustments can be easily altered due to the knobs that allow easy control.
  5. A swivel-away clicker allows you to see the die and make clicks.

Reasons To Avoid

  • Requires frequent greasing for maintenance.
  • A small working area allows you only to cut small leather pieces.
  • Cutting leather that weighs more than 16 ounces can be kind of difficult.

Best Feature

Weaver Leather is a known brand among those involved in the leather goods manufacturing industry. They specialize in leather products, so you can expect them to produce some of the most amazing quality clicker presses. The Weaver Leather Mighty Wonder Clicker Press is a durable machine made of high-quality steel. It heavily benefits both beginners and professionals alike with all the high-quality features that increase their efficiency.

Precise Cuts

One can easily use it to efficiently produce some of the most accurate cuts with the 4-ton press. A swivel-away clicker steals all the attention as it allows you to view the process of the die being set and thus, further helps you increase the precision of your cuts.

Effortless Work

Using it requires very little effort as a 29 inches long handle and 3-inch cam allow you to click press easily. The leather of a maximum of 16 ounces weight can be cut.

Did You Know?

The machine has a width of 15 inches and depth of 10 inches, and tie-dyes of 0.75 to 1.25 inches can be used, making it suitable for the production of small or medium-sized goods.

What Is A Clicker Press?

A clicker press is a machine that works to cut out shapes of materials, which users can then use to make their products. Leather happens to be one of the materials often cut using a process named die-cutting in a clicker press. These leather pieces can then be used to produce items like wallets, purses, bags, etc. Some are used as parts of shoes.

Besides precisely cutting out shapes, a clicker press can also be used for embossing logos, designs, stamps, etc., on leather materials, making it a useful tool for brands that mass-produce goods. It avoids any human-made errors and saves a lot of time and effort.

How Do You Use A Clicker Press?

Step 1: Buy a leather clicker dye in the required size and dimensions. A leather clicker dye is usually made of steel and has sharpened edges that dig into the material’s skin, causing shaped cuts.

Step 2: Place your material above or below the clicker dye and place it on the clicker press tray.

Step 3: Slide in the tray and bring the handle downwards. Due to the pressure applied on it from above and the leather clicker dye pushes down into the material forming a cut in your desired shape.

Step 4: Afterwards, take out the tray and separate your clicker dye from the material, and there you have it!

How Does A Clicker Press Work?

Clicker presses work by pushing down on a clicker dye with sharp edges which puncture through the material you want to cut by applying force. This allows accurately cut shapes with smooth edges (unless the edges of your clicker dye are dull) that are all consistent in size. Compared to working by hand with the help of an Exacto knife, it wastes less time and resources while requiring a lesser amount of effort.

How Do You Set Up A Clicker Press?

Set-Up Process For Hydraulic Machines:

Step 1: Put your clicker press in its position once you take it out of the crate.

Step 2: Connect the clicker press to your compressed air source using an airline.

Step 3: Turn on the clicker pressure and wait for the pressure gauge to show that it has air in its cylinder.

You only need to follow these three simple steps to start making your cuts or embossing!

Manual Presses:

A manually run clicker press requires no set-up. All you need to do is use the handle to press down on your clicker dye.


The clicker presses on this list will delight anyone looking to increase their performance, as they provide the key to producing outstanding leather projects. They certainly have the quality that should keep you interested in purchasing one.

All three products are reliable and let you create precise cuts in leather. Each has many fans in the world of leather crafting as they come at an affordable cost, can be operated with ease, and add extra quality to leather projects.

Your leather business can only grow when you own one of these, so what are you waiting for?

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