Best Rotary Leather Punch

It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or a professional; when it comes to leatherwork, one always needs to give their best and produce picture-perfect looking goods to be noticed. How to achieve this quality? Simply with the help of professional tools that give good and consistent output. One such tool is a rotary leather punch, a perfect addition to every leather workshop. But what does a rotary leather punch do?

It is mainly used to make holes in leather and is known for its efficiency, reducing labor and wastage of time and resources.

This article will discuss this great hole punch tool further and bring you some of the best punches available on the market.

List Of Rotary Leather Punch

  1. Xool Leather Hole Punch Set
  2. Pro-Master Smart And Simple Leather Hole Punch Set
  3. Amazon Basics Leather Hole Punch
  4. Amazon Basics Leather Hole Punch Set
  5. Himapro Leather Hole Rotary Puncher
  6. Leather Hole Punch Set

Comparison Chart For Top 5 Rotary Leather Punch

XOOL LEATHER HOLE PUNCH SET2mm to 4.5mm11.2 ouncesPlated Steel
PRO-MASTER SMART AND SIMPLE LEATHER HOLE PUNCH SET2mm to 4.5mm14,7 ouncesHighest quality manganese steel
AMAZON BASICS LEATHER HOLE PUNCH2mm to 4.5mm9.1 ouncesDrop forged, heat-treated steel 
AMAZON BASICS LEATHER HOLE PUNCH SET2.5mm to 5mm1.22 poundsDrop forged, heat-treated steel 
HIMAPRO LEATHER HOLE ROTARY PUNCHER2mm to 4.5mm15.2 ouncesManganese steel
LEATHER HOLE PUNCH SET2mm to 4.5mm11.9 ouncesCarbon steel

5 Best Rotary Leather Punches Reviews

Now that you are fully acquainted with leather punches, check out our reviews for some of the best punchers for leatherwork to find one that will help you achieve your work goals.

1. Xool Leather Hole Punch Set

Reasons To Buy

  1. It is very affordable.
  2. Allows you to make the perfect holes.
  3. Requires you to apply little pressure.
  4. A durable, rust-free body allows it to last for a long time.
  5. Six different-sized holes can be made using the punching plier.

Reasons To Avoid

  • Punch die is not labeled.

They are used for punching holes in various materials; the XOOL Leather Hole Punch Set is an amazing kit that all beginners and professionals must consider having.

Best Feature

One can easily use this rotary leather punch to make the perfect circular holes of diameter 2mm to 4.5mm on leather, belts, plastic, rubber, canvas, fabric, cardboard, saddles, and similar materials. The punch plier helps quickly and easily get the most accurate cuts without applying much force due to the double lever mechanism that allows easy penetration.

Punch Thick, Heavy Leather

Despite being budget-friendly, it is made of very durable plated steel, which increases its overall strength and toughness. Besides that, it is coated with spray lacquer to prevent rusting by not letting the metal oxidize. One can go ahead and punch leathers with heavyweight as the brass pad provides protection.

Long Life-Span

The anti-slide and environmental protection handle further contributes to elongating this rotary leather punch’s life span. The punch plier is self-opening and thus, allows easy cleaning of the punch hole once you are done making holes.

Did You Know?

Overall, it is very comfortable to use. One can effortlessly carry out the task with one hand without applying too much pressure or exhausting themselves out due to the convenient spring tension.

2. Pro-Master Smart And Simple Leather Hole Punch Set

Reasons To Buy

  1. It can be used on thick materials.
  2. The handle is ergonomic.
  3. Allows different hole sizes.
  4. Can get work done quickly.

Reasons To Avoid

  • It mostly makes small holes.

Best Feature

When in need of making a hole on leather, the PRO-MASTER SMART AND SIMPLE Leather Hole Punch Set is the perfect choice for you. You can easily add it to your leather workshop without using up too much of your money due to its affordability. The set consists of one plier, allowing punches of 6 different sizes with diameters 2mm to 4.5mm at 0.5 mm increments. This makes it especially useful for making holes in a range of leather-based projects.

Requires Little Force

To choose a size, one only needs to rotate the wheel and set it to the desired diameter. When we say it requires little force to make holes, we mean it as it allows even those with arthritis in their hands to make precise holes. It will not strain your hands or cause them to be sore even after long hours of usage.

Cushioned, Ergonomic Handles

Overall, the punch plier is very durable and sturdy besides being very comfortable to use, all thanks to the cushioned handles that are ergonomic and non-slip. One will not be getting sores or blisters even after long-term usage.

Did You Know?

The product comes with three extra-large punch plates, a screwdriver, an awl tool, and a ruler. Using it is easy, but one can still look at the EBOOK and follow the given steps when confused.

3. Amazon Basics Leather Hole Punch Set

Reasons To Buy

  1. It can be used easily.
  2. Has a comfortable and sturdy grip.
  3. An ergonomic handle helps in avoiding strains.
  4. Functions properly on a variety of items.
  5. It is budget-friendly.

Reasons To Avoid

  • The range of hole sizes is very small.
  • It may not be sharp enough to punch into certain thicknesses of leather.

Best Feature

With the ability to make punches of diameter 2mm, to 4.5mm, the Amazon Basic Leather Hole Punch Set is a gift all the best leather goods manufacturers should have to enrich their work quality. Besides being the perfect tool for leatherwork, one can also use it for craft projects, creating belt holes, jewelry, applying buckles and studs, and many other works. You can use it on felt, fabric, cardboard, and many other materials with similar feel and texture.

Durable Forged Steel

The tool itself is durable and is bound to last for a long time due to the body being made of forged steel that is heat-treated too. It has a chrome finishing, which further increases its overall surface toughness, makes it corrosion resistant, and makes sure that cleaning it is an easy task.

Safety Features

With a textured grip, it prevents the tool from falling from the user’s hand, protecting the user and the tool’s punching tubes. The ergonomic handle is comfortable to use, preventing strains or other damage that long-term usage could otherwise cause. Auto-release and safety lock functions come as further safety features that help protect the user from any and all damage.

4. Amazon Basics Leather Hole Punch Set


  1. The body is corrosion-resistant and easy to clean.
  2. It comes with a case that one can easily store in.
  3. The tool is very durable and thus, has a long life span.
  4. Very comfortable in hand.

Reasons To Avoid

  • Need to apply quite a lot of force.

Best Feature

With a price point that is five dollars more than the previous set, this Amazon Basics Leather Hole Punch Set has way more to offer. It comes in its own cute, little, black-colored box along with an awl tool, a ruler, three extra-large punch plates, and a screwdriver making it a kit that should belong in your leather workshop.

Larger Diameter Punches

Besides using it on leather, one can use this Amazon Basics Leather Hole Punch Set to make holes on felt, fabric, cardboard, and other similar materials. Holes of diameter 2.5mm to 5mm can be made, making it the perfect tool for leather craft projects, creating belt holes, jewelry, applying buckles, studs, etc.

Comfortable Handling

With a sturdy and durable body due to its drop-forged, heat-treated steel build, it will outlast all the other tools in your workshop. Besides that, the grip is comfortable and ergonomic, preventing any strain on the user’s hands. The handles are contoured, making it anti-slip – a feature that helps prevent falls that could otherwise damage the punching tubes or harm the user’s foot. The handles are also cushioned, ensuring that users don’t get blisters to use the tool comfortably.

Did You Know?

The auto-release and safety lock features make it a tool that one can use without worrying about causing harm to themselves. Lastly, a chrome finish on all the metal parts makes it resistant to corrosion and increases its strength.

5. Himapro Leather Hole Rotary Puncher

Reasons To Buy

  1. Comfortable to use.
  2. Works on a variety of materials of varying thicknesses.
  3. It easily makes punches due to its sharpness.
  4. It comes with other tools that help you in your working journey.

Reasons To Avoid

  • The punch hole doesn’t align with the striker pad.

Best Feature

With the ability to make punches on materials like rubber, canvas, plastic, cardboard, polyurethane, fabrics, and other similar things, this HimaPro Leather Hole Rotary Puncher is must add a piece to your workshop due to its amazing functionality. It allows punch diameters of sizes 2mm to 4.5mm and can be used for performing a lot of tasks.

Long-Lasting And Rust-Proof

The machine itself is long-lasting due to the body, made of manganese steel, which is why it has the ultimate level of impact strength and sharp cutting properties. Additionally, the metal body is coved with a black coating that prevents it from rusting while also giving the entire thing a chic look.

Cushioned Handles

The handles are cushioned using a soft PVC rubberized coating which is blue and makes it comfortable for users to grip. The handle is non-slippery and thus resistant to falls, protecting the punching tubes and the users equally.

6. Stedi Leather Hole Punch Set

Reasons To Buy

  1. It can be used to make punches easily.
  2. A durable body elongates the tool’s life span.
  3. Body and punching tubes are rust-free.
  4. Ergonomic design allows for comfortable and safe usage.
  5. It is affordable.

Reasons To Avoid

  • Not good for usage on thick leather.

Best Feature

You can easily get this very classy looking, black rotary leather puncher at a very affordable price to make holes on several things including leather.

Incredible Precision

Sharp punching tubes that are heat-treated allow precise holes of diameters 2mm to 4.5mm making it the perfect tool for beginners and professionals alike.

Effortless Punching

An ergonomic design allows comfortable usage without causing any harm to the user’s hands. One need not apply too much force while making a punch due to its strength and sharpness. Overall, it is very lightweight and, thus, portable.

Did You Know?

The stedi Leather Hole Punch Set is made of high-quality carbon steel with a black coating that is corrosion-resistant and durable.

Buying Guide For Best Rotary Leather Hole Puncher


This depends on the type of leather you use. If your leather is thick, it’s best to buy a heavy-duty leather punch; if you use thin, lightweight leather, a normal rotary leather punch will serve you perfectly well.

Hole Diameters

This factor, like the previous, is also dependent on the type of work you do. Rotary hole punches allow different-sized holes. While choosing, look for a leather punch that allows you to make punches in the size your work requires.

What Is It Made Of?

Everyone wants a rotary leather hole puncher made of durable material and lasts long so that they do not have to buy another one again in a few days. Thus, before making a purchase, make sure to buy one that has a strong build. Keep in mind that machines made with rust-free materials usually tend to have a longer life span.


To produce art, it is important to keep the artist’s hand safe. That way, you can keep on producing outstanding pieces. Thus, it is best to buy a rotary leather punch that comes with a handle lock.

How Do You Use A Rotary Leather Punch?

Things you Will need:

  • A rotary leather punch.
  • Leather to work on.
  • Any slightly hard paper (if your leather weighs between 1 to 4 ounces)


Step 1: Fixing your material

If your leather weighs between 1 to 4 ounces, making holes on it might be tough. In that case, you need to increase your material’s toughness by inserting something beneath it. Placing cardboard paper (used to make boxes) would be a good idea. Mark the location of your hole on the leather.

Step 2: Adjusting your rotary punch

Rotate the wheel on your rotary punch to the diameter length of your choice.

Step 3: Making the punch

You need to unlock your rotary punch’s handle and place your leather on the mouth of the plier. Squeeze the handles together to allow the punching end to come in contact with the end where your material is placed. Hold for a while, and then let go. You now have a perfect little circular hole on your leather!


  • Squeeze the plier handles properly till you hear the little click that assures you about the hole being properly made.
  • Hold onto the part of the leather that is not being punched and use it to move the entire piece so that the mouth of the punching tube can completely dig into the leather and cut it properly.
  • Remember to check on the anvil and switch it when it is damaged.
  • Make sure not to punch into a leather that is too thick. This can affect the punching tubes badly.

What Are Leather Punches Called?

Leather punches are sometimes known as hole punches. Round strap end punch, English point strap end punch, leather round drive punch, leather trace punch, leather oval punch, leather rotary punch, leather buttonhole punch, leather slot punch, leather corner punch, leather shaped hole punches, leather stitching punches, hand sewing punches, etc. are some of the available leather punches. They each have different names based on different functionalities.

How Do You Use Heavy-Duty Leather Hole Punch?

Heavy-duty hole punches function in the same way as rotary punches. They allow leather pieces that are thick to be easily punched without causing harm to the punching tubes.

Leather needs to be placed on one end of the plier, and once you have selected the shape for your home, you need to make a squeeze that gets your material punched.


There are many general tools needed for leatherwork, but for sure, you will want to get those extra holes by using the best punch tool.

Every punch review has shown that some great tools are available, offering you the chance to create punch sizes between 2mm to 5mm in size. If you are looking for that larger multi-sized punch, the Amazon Basics Leather Hole Punch set is the best option for you. It is affordable and gives you that little extra.

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