Best Skiving Knife For Leather

To manufacture the perfect leather goods that all customers love, you need to get some of the best quality tools. One such important tool is a leather skiving knife; skiving, the process of trimming leather into slices, is an important part of leatherwork. But what is the best skiving knife for leather?

All the top skiving knives will help you reach the bits of leather that machines just can’t manage. They require a sharp, accurate cutting blade to get the job done just right.

This article will guide you through the skiving knives that will make the key difference in your leatherwork.

List Of Skiving Knife For Leather


Comparison Chart For Top 4 Round Knife For Leather

NameBlade LengthBlade made ofHandle lengthWeight
CJRSLRB LEATHER SKIVING KNIFE70 mmStainless steel100 mm0.634 ounces
OSBORNE 67-1 ALL PURPOSE LEATHER SKIVING KNIFE105 mmHigh-quality steel110 mm3.98 ounces
YANG YAO LEATHER KNIFE TOOL54 mmHigh-speed steel109 mm2.89 ounces

4 Best Skiving Knives For Leather Reviews

1. Cjrslrb Leather Skiving Knife

With a stainless steel blade of length 70 mm and breadth 35 mm, the CJRSLRB Leather Skiving Knife is a handy tool that all leather crafters would like to possess.

This trimming knife allows some of the cleanest and easiest of cuts that will please and satisfy users instantly.

While working, you can easily grip onto the well-furnished wooden handle (length 100 mm and width of 34mm) to work comfortably for hours without your hand hurting.

Besides being used for skiving, this high-quality semi-circular knife can be used to cut out curved or straight lines, shave edges, and slice through leather perfectly.

A multi-purpose blade helps in saving money as you can skip buying some other tools.


  1. It can be sharpened and used like other expensive leather skiving knives.
  2. The blade is made of good quality stainless steel.
  3. It can be easily sharpened with sandpaper.
  4. It is easy to use.
  5. It can be used for many other purposes besides skiving.


  • It can be used mostly by crafters instead of professionals.
  • The handle can be too small at times.

2. Osborne 67-1 All Purpose Leather Skiving Knife

C. S. Osborne is known for always producing some of the most high-quality tools for those who manufacture leather goods; this knife is no exception as it provides some of the best cuts and skives.

The Osborne 67-1 All Purpose Leather Skiving Knife has a durable round beveled, hard sharpened blade that is made of high-quality steel; the blade has a length of 4.125 inches and a width of 1.5 inches. Users can use this leather skiving knife to slice through both thin and thick pieces of leather without requiring them to put in much effort.

One can use the knife to polish edges and make curved or straight-lined cuts; the multifunctionality helps save the leather crafter’s bucks that would otherwise be spent buying multiple individual tools.

You’ll find the wooden handle allows a comfortable and firm grip which will cause no stress on the user’s hands. A small weight allows it to be easily carried, making it portable and the perfect fit for your tool kit.


  1. The knife is easy to use and requires less effort.
  2. Good for skiving through the leather of all thicknesses and weight.
  3. Will do other jobs other than skiving.
  4. The blade is durable and thus, lasts a long time.


  • You need to sharpen the blade frequently.

3. Kyoshin Elle Craftsha Japanese Leather Knife

The Kyoshin Elle Craftsha Japanese leather knife has a tough blade of 39 mm in length.

The blade is made of iron, using the fire building process, which makes it extremely durable; the blade is also sharpened to perfection, letting you easily make skives and precise straight-lined cuts on leathers of varying thickness and weight.

Additionally, the blade comes already sharpened, but you can make it sharper using a leather strop when needed. It is lightweight (2.5 ounces) and thus, easy to carry around for work.

The wooden handle has a nice finish and can be gripped onto for safe and comfortable use. At the same time, the uniquely slanted edge allows you to make beautifully curved cuts (especially on thick leather), making it the perfect weapon for those who wish to produce high-quality leather goods.


  1. The skiving knife is long-lasting due to its sturdy build.
  2. Multifunctionality allows it to be used for skiving and cutting both straight and curved lines.
  3. The knife can be easily sharpened whenever it dulls.
  4. It is easy and comfortable to use.


  • Comparatively costly.

4. Yang Yao Leather Knife-Tool

The Yang Yao Leather Knife Tool has a blade that is guaranteed to ensure increased durability.

Staying on the topic of the blade, it has a length of 2.3 inches and a width of 1.4 inches. Furthermore, it is very sharp, allowing you to easily make precise incisions on leathers of different thicknesses and weights.

One can use the knife for skiving, shaving, trimming, and making both straight and curved cuts; all you need to do is put very little pressure on the leather using the suitable end of the knife.

A 4.3 inch long wooden non-slip handle allows users to grip onto the knife easily and comfortably according to their convenience; the handle is attached firmly to the blade, ensuring your safety and long-term usage.

Users are allowed to choose between two versions, the right-hand version, and the left-hand version.


  1. It is easy to use.
  2. The blade is very sharp and can be easily sharpened.
  3. The skiving knife will last for a long time due to its durability.
  4. It is very affordable.


  • Requires sharpening from time to time.


What Is The Best Leather Skiver?

Leather skiving machines and leather skiving knives are some of the go-to tools when in need of skiving leather.

However, at times some of the best leather splitters tend to offer skiving options too. Which will be the best for you depends on what kind of work you do, how often you need to make skives, and which machine you can afford to buy.

Our article offers a list of some of the best skiving knives for leather, and we have another article on some of the best leather splitter machines that you can check out too.

What Is A Skiving Knife For?

Skiving knives are used for shaving or slicing off leather; some allow you to trim off only thick leather, while other high-quality ones let you make skives on both thick and thin pieces of leather.

Besides making skives, some skiving knives for leather allow you to make straight or curved cuts, polish off edges, and to shave off sides. Such skiving knives are known as multi-purpose skiving knives.

 How Do You Sharpen A Leather Skiver?

A leather skiving knife can be sharpened by scrubbing it using sandpaper.

 If a certain grit of sandpaper doesn’t work, you can try using ones with a higher grit and scrub for a long time to get sharpened edges that will help you get clean cuts.

Leather strops also do a good job at sharpening and polishing tools. You need to rub both sides of the blade along the strop’s leather to get the perfectly sharpened skiver you are looking for.

When Should You Skive Leather?

One needs to skive leather to make sure the bonds stick better.

Making skives on leather allows you to easily stick surfaces with glue or stitch them properly. You can also skive to make the lining better, make the design of your product look more appealing, and make the item more ergonomic.

Many leather surfaces aren’t uniform; during such cases, skiving helps give your leather a suede feel by smoothening out its surface.

How Do You Sharpen A Flat Leather Knife?

Things you will need:

  • Whetstone (in two different grits)
  • A flat surface
  • A leather strop


  1. While maintaining a 15-degree angle, rub the edge of the knife on the whetstone that has lower grit (the grainier side) in a circular motion.
  2. Once you are done creating a burr (seen on the opposite of the side you are sharpening), roll over the burr by scrubbing the knife down towards you.
  3. Once you are done getting a burr on both sides and rolling them over, rub the knife on the whetstone with higher grit to sharpen it further.
  4. Rub the knife on the leather strop to achieve a sharp leather knife with a mirror-like finish.

Final Word

The best skiving knife for leather needs to be comfortable to use so that you can make your leatherwork stand out.

Without comfort, as you skive leather, you are bound to lose that extra 1% needed to stand out from the competition.

With that being said, all the skiving knives we checked out offer a great grip that lets you skive away without an issue. So, look for comfort, followed by durability, and you’re bound to find a fantastic tool.

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