Best Leather Splitter Machines

People’s desire to buy leather-made products causes a rise in business competition between manufacturers to produce the best quality goods. So, you might want to up your game by using some heavy-duty professional tools like a leather splitter machine. That leads us to ask as we search for perfection, what is the best leather splitter machine?

The best leather splitter machine needs to be efficient, have a sharp edge blade, and be extremely durable so that it can get through a lot of work.

In the article below, we will be detailing five of the very best leather splitting machines and how to make the most of such a brilliant device.

List Of Leather Splitter Machines

  1. Yaetek 6″ Diy Leather Skiver
  2. Yaetek Manual Leather Splitter
  3. Zonepack Manual Leather Skiver
  4. Eapmic Manual Leather Splitter
  5. Weaver Leather Economic Heritage Leather Skiver

Comparison Chart For Top Leather Splitter Machines

YAETEK 6″ DIY LEATHER SKIVER 13 x 7.5 x 7.5 inches11.97 poundsVegetable tanned leather
YAETEK MANUAL LEATHER SPLITTER9.06 x 8.9 x 4.49 inches2.68 poundsVegetable and soft chrome tanned leather
ZONEPACK MANUAL LEATHER SKIVER12.91 x 7.52 x 7.4 inches11.37 poundsVegetable tanned leather
EAPMIC MANUAL LEATHER SPLITTER12.87 x 7.48 x 7.4 inches10.8 poundsPlant tanned leather
WEAVER LEATHER ECONOMIC HERITAGE LEATHER SKIVER10.5 x 13 x 6.5 inches10.02 poundsVegetable and oil tanned leather

5 Best Leather Splitter Machines reviews

1. Yaetek 6″ Diy Leather Skiver 

Reasons To Buy

  1. The machine cutting thickness can be adjusted per demand.
  2. The blade edge can be easily resharpened.
  3. The device has an outstanding splitting ability.
  4. Economical pricing.
  5. A sturdy, heavy-duty body makes it durable.

Reasons To Avoid

  • Need to manually feed leather into the machine.
  • The device doesn’t come with bearings at the end of the roller.

Best Feature

With a steel blade and stainless-steel shaft, this splitter tool will be an amazing addition to your leather crafting journey. The amazingly sharp edge cutter is made of steel and can easily thin down ounces of leather to your desired thickness, feather down edges, make tapering skives and get you some of the most precise cutting.

Easy Manual Feed

Only applicable for skiving materials whose width is 7 cm, this machine can be used on plant tanned leather only. One must manually feed the leather on the working bench and peel it off which is an easy task, just like the setup process. A handle is present which needs to be rotated to get the job done.

Incredible Durability

With amazing durability, the machine can be used for many years. Once the blade dulls, you can resharpen it easily; replacing the blade however is not an option. A stainless-steel shaft ensures that the cortex is cutting flat.

Did You Know?

When buying, you are also offered a leather peeling machine, a handle, two L-keys, and 4 screws. You are also given the option to choose from two different colored frameworks, black, and silver.

2. Yaetek Manual Leather Splitter 

Reasons To Buy

  1. A strong metal body makes it durable.
  2. The machine does the job faster than hand skivers.
  3. Very lightweight device.
  4. Amazing trimming ability.
  5. Works on chrome tanned leather.

Reasons To Avoid

  • The machine doesn’t come with instructions.

Best Feature

The YaeTek manual leather splitter and skiver is a device with a strong metal body that is durable and has a blade length of 1.25 inches. It comes with a leather splitter, a spanner, 18 blades (double-edged), and three special rollers.

Great For All Users

The machine needs to be manually handled (you need to mount and peel off the leather itself) and is easy to use making it perfect for both professionals, and beginners. It is capable of perfectly skiving the edges of the leather and is known for having an amazing trimming ability. Chrome tanned leather can be easily split using the machine. Leather strips can be skived down to a quarter-inch at a minimum.

Slim And Affordable

This amazing skiving and splitting machine is available in green color and at a very economical price. The machine can be screwed onto your tabletop using screws (weight of only 2.68 pounds makes sure table isn’t weighed down) before use; slim features allow it to take up very little space.

Did You Know?

Replacement blades for the device are easily available in most leather-based stores, making sure you can use them for desired cutting projects for a long time. Made of stainless steel, the machine doesn’t rust easily making it safe for professional use.

3. Zonepack Manual Leather Skiver

Reasons To Buy

  1. The splitter tool is easy to use once you get the hang of it.
  2. The blade can be sharpened.
  3. Durable device due to a strong framework.
  4. Can be fixed to the workbench.

Reasons To Avoid

  • Need to operate the machine and pull on leather at once.
  • No instructions for the device.

Best Feature

The cutting thickness of this device can easily be adjusted to suit your project’s requirements; leather can be thinned down to a minimum thickness of 1 mm. It supports edge thinning, lap skiving, leather carving, and segment cutting, making the lives easier and the working process faster for those who make leather goods.

Razor-Sharp Split

When it comes to this machine, you will be surprised by how much this little one can do! Available in black and white colors, the ZONEPACK manual leather skiver has a razor-sharp cutter length of 150 mm allowing its users to thin vegetable tanned leather pieces that have a width of less than or equal to 80 mm.

Worry-Free Work

A body made of stainless steel removes any concerns of rusting that you might have with this device. The lock saving feature allows the leather to be locked in allowing users to easily pull out the leather using both hands. The extremely affordable price despite all the amazing features is just a cherry on the top!

Did You Know?

Once you get the hang of using the tool (which requires very little time due to the easy process) you are free to use this machine for a long time due to its steel base structure which adds to its durability.

4. Eapmic Manual Leather Splitter

Reasons To Buy

  1. The splitter is budget friendly.
  2. The blade is big, allowing large splits.
  3. Thickness can be adjusted according to the user’s wish.
  4. The device is comfortable to use.
  5. High durability.

Reasons To Avoid

  • No instructional manual was given with the splitter.
  • Need to hand feed leather.

Best Feature

The Eapmic manual leather splitter is an amazing unit that is used for thinning down leather, skiving down edges, and precision cutting. Its high-speed steel blade can be used on vegetable-tanned leather of maximum width 10 cm to make cuts of 1 mm width. The cutter can be sharpened when it gets blunt, in turn allowing long-term cutting.

Strong Stainless Steel

Being iron made makes it extremely durable and the stainless-steel shaft allows the cortex to make flat cuts. One needs to handle it manually, inserting leather and peeling it off by hand. However, once you have already inserted the leather, you can lock it down with a clamp, allowing both hands to be free for the peel-off process. Users often gush about how strong the steel feed roller is and how marvelous it is at rolling the leather in.

Easy Set-Up

Instructional videos are available on Youtube regarding the setup process, which is very straightforward and a handle, 2 L-keys, and 4 screws are supplied along with the leather peeling machine to help you fix it.

Did You Know?

This leather splitter is widely used amongst those who produce and split leather goods to make a living due to its affordability and outstanding service.

5. Weaver Leather Economic Heritage Leather Skiver

Reasons To Buy

  1. Mounting the leather on the bench is easy.
  2. Has a finger guard that provides protection for your hand.
  3. The splitter is small and lightweight making it portable.
  4. Does an amazing job at making splits.
  5. Durability ensures a long life span.

Reasons To Avoid

  • Skiver doesn’t have a lock.
  • An expensive unit.

Best Feature

A 6 inch precision ground blade is used which has the capability of thinning down both, vegetable and oil-tanned leather. The blade is capable of lap skiving, level skiving, precision cutting and splitting.

Simple Pull Action

Leather is split using a pull action feature. A handle is present to allow adjustment, allowing you, the user, to easily lap and level skives on your leather to your heart’s content with this unit.

Sturdy Mounting

The workbench is screwed down with 4 screws that are given along with the product; users are required to mount the leather by themselves for letting it go through the splitting process.

Did You Know?

When in need of sharpening, you can easily send it to the company, and they will do the job for you!

Buying Guide For Best Leather Splitter Machines

While buying what does a user look for? Which features need to be given the most interest as I shop?

There are a lot of things that you need to look out for before buying a leather splitter that is suitable for you. Ensuring all the right features are available will make your money’s worth and allows a smooth and fast working experience. Below, we have a buying guide to serve these purposes!


When it comes to buying something, price always plays an important role. Beginners always wants superior quality products that will not take up a significant amount of their bank account while professionals are a little less reluctant about this as they don’t need to buy too many tools at once.

Prices ranges for budget-friendly splitters will vary from $150 to $200. After some browsing and surfing, you will be able to find many amazing leather skiving machines that will serve you well.

If you are okay with a slightly higher-priced machine, then you can investigate those that are around $200 to 600.

The higher price obviously ensures better quality, but make sure to see whether the extra features are really necessary. The most expensive ones tend to exceed $700. For these splitters, extraordinary features are guaranteed that will allow you to enrich your working experience and produce better quality goods.


One always needs to make sure about fitting before buying a tool. Thus, one needs to keep the product dimensions and weight into consideration before adding the splitter into their workspace.

These days most leather splitters can be screwed to a table; for these it is exceptionally important to make sure you have some space designated to the machine on your table. Ones that do not need to be fitted, can be moved per need, allowing flexible work.


When we point out how important the blade is in your working process, it must come as no surprise to you! The maximum width of the leather you split, the speed of splitting action, the minimum width of the thinned leather, all depend gravely on the blade.

When working on small items like wallets, belts, etc. you can get your tasks done with 5 to 6-inch blades. However, longer blades are needed for making bags, shoes, etc.

Machines that allow blades to be resharpened or ones with blades easily available in stores are always a better pick as you can use them for a long time.

Splitting Action

Splitting action differs from the change in price tag. The high-end splitters have a crank action that will feed leathers when the crank is spun by the users. Those that cost less will require you to hand feed leathers to them, rather than crank, once you have set a thickness.


The lifespan of leather splitter tools is dependent on their durability. Durability is based on the material that is used to make the framework of the machine.

One needs to carefully browse what type of metal is used to make the product and how it will affect the machine’s lifetime.

What Is A Leather Splitting Machine?

A leather splitting machine is used for thinning down leather evenly, to decrease its weight and thickness, making it more suitable for your projects. The device can also skive down leather and thus, is at times known as a skiving machine.

A splitting machine consists of a blade that helps in splitting your leather. Leather is inserted into the device through a heavy-duty roller to reach the blade; some machines require you to pull the leather through the machine while others have a hand crank that does the job for you. How well the machine functions is gravely dependent on the sharpness of your blade.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Split A Large Piece Of Leather?

For splitting a large leathers, you will need a leather splitter that has large blade. How you split the leather is dependent on your machine’s splitting action.

How Do You Thin Down The Edges Of Leather?

The crusty edges of leather can be buffed down using an edger to make it thinner and smoother. An edger is a tool that needs to be rubbed along the edges (which needs to be dampened). What sized edger you use depends on the thickness of your leathers.


With all the information provided about some of the best leather splitter products, you are now free to choose one that will cater to your business needs.

You can refer to the material in the comparison chart and buying guide to find the leather splitter machine for you!

We’re sure you will end up with a fine, efficient device used for cutting your materials with ease.

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