Best Leather Stitching Ponies

Are you somebody that regularly makes leather goods that can be sold? If yes, you probably already know everything needs to be cut and stitched to perfection due to the customers who want superior quality products. To make the perfect stitches, one needs assistance, so we are asking the question – what is the best leather stitching pony?

The best stitching ponies will have a strong jaw for clamping and allow you to stitch leather coming in various sizes. Not only that, they should have a handle to support comfortable work and be adaptable to different working styles.

This article will bring you some great stitching pony options to choose from, so why not have a read of a review or two?

List Of Leather Stitching Ponies

  1. Simpiza Leather Stitching Pony
  2. Tosnail Wood Leather Craft Hand Stitching Pony
  3. Junxave Wood Sewing Pony
  4. Mandala Crafts Leather Stitching Pony
  5. Fastobuy Improved Leather Stitching Pony

Comparison Chart For Top Leather Stitching Ponies

SIMPIZA LEATHER STITCHING PONY14.6 inchesBeech Wood16.2 inches
TOSNAIL WOOD LEATHER CRAFT HAND STITCHING PONY14.2 inchesBeechwood, stainless steel16.1 inches
JUNXAVE WOOD SEWING PONY13.78 inchesWood, stainless steel16.15 inches
FASTOBUY IMPROVED LEATHER STITCHING PONY18 inchesBeechwood, steel5.25 inches

5 Best Leather Stitching Ponies Reviews

1. Simpiza Leather Stitching

Made of original Beechwood and steel, the SIMPIZA leather stitching pony is a favourite amongst leather goods manufacturers due to its amazing functionality. It can most definitely benefit your leather project. Installing it is easy, and we assure you it will not need you to shed a sweat!

You can easily guess that the manufacturers have good intentions in mind as it comes with a straightforward instruction manual, an extra adjustment screw, and two extra needles.

Besides that, it has a strong build that allows it to be durable, letting users work with its assistance for a long time.

Both large and small pieces of leather can be sewed, meaning it is not limited to stitching only a certain sized product. Pocketbooks, purses, handbags, belts, wallets, etc., can all be stitched using the help of the SIMPIZA leather stitching pony.


  1. It is a budget-friendly stitching pony.
  2. You can choose your desired angle.
  3. A good build makes it durable.
  4. A tapered jaw allows you to manage the workflow easily.
  5. Splinter free.


  • Pressure cannot be adjusted per demand.
  • Does not support rotation.

Highlighted Features

  • Leather-covered clamps allow no scuffing or scratching on leather.
  • Clamp height of 14.6″ can easily be adjusted.
  • The surface is properly polished with no cracks. Edges are smoothened out.
  • Easy setup process.
  • It can be screwed onto your workbench.

2. Tosnail Wood Leather Craft Hand Stitching Pony

When we say this leather stitching pony will be an amazing addition to your workshop, we are not exaggerating one bit. It’s certainly a tool you’ll want to add to your collection to help with leather projects.

Made of high-quality beech wood, the Tosnail Wood Leather Craft Hand Stitching Pony has an amazing construction that can be easily trusted. You need to check the hundreds of positive reviews if you require confirmation of that fact.

With a uniform proportion, streamlined body, and stainless steel stretch bar (which can be adjusted per choice!), this leather pony is bound to enhance your working experience.

The simple, straightforward process of using this pony makes it suitable for most, especially beginners for whom it acts as a third hand. It allows flexible working on all sized leather items like bags, belts, wallets, purses, pocketbooks, etc.

Everything from the clamping needs, proportions, size to rotation vice are designed to support a good user experience and flexible working.


  1. It is affordable.
  2. Allows you to adjust working positions easily.
  3. Lightweight stitching pony.
  4. Clamps allow nice grip.
  5. Both left-handed and right-handed users can use this leather stitching pony.


  • The screw that controls rotation loosens with time.

Highlighted Features

  • 360 degree rotational vice allows you to set it to any angle that you are comfortable with.
  • Leather-covered clamps cause absolutely no harm to your item.
  • The jaw has a flat grip action.
  • Durable build that will last for a long time.
  • It can be set up using a screw.

3. Junxave 360 Degree Rotation Wood Sewing Pony

As you probably guessed from the name, the Junxave Wood Sewing Pony has a 360-degree rotation vice that allows users to adjust working angles easily; both left-handed and right-handed users benefit.

The streamlined, rectangular, wooden base has a sturdy construction, and the stretch bar is made of stainless steel. If your search was for a strong pony, you could end it here.

The clamps on this leather pony offer a safe grip that causes no indents or scuffs on your leather’s surface. It maximizes work productivity by increasing work’s pace and allows its users great comfort with all the adjustable working features.

One can easily follow the instruction manual to install it without any hassle. Users can also screw it to their workbench or add it to the bench with a clamp.


  1. Straightforward setup process.
  2. A strong build makes it durable.
  3. It is affordable.
  4. The tightness can be altered per need.


  • Jaws aren’t leather-wrapped, so there might be scuffs on your leather.
  • Doesn’t have a wing nut.

Highlighted Features

  • 360-degree rotation vice allows flexible working.
  • 13.7-inch height.
  • The adjustable screw allows tension adjustment.
  • The product is deformation-resistant.
  • A long base can be set on to hold the leather stitching pony down.

4. Mandala Crafts Leather Stitching Pony

This wood and steel-based leather stitching pony is firmly appreciated by many due to each amazing feature it has to offer. Whatever project you need to stitch, you can certainly perfect your leatherwork with this horse. It makes each stitch much easier.

It is easy to set up and can be clamped onto your workbench or set on to allow complete focus on your work.

Besides having a beautiful design, the surface is polished to ensure that no fragments are there to cause you any harm.

Both right-handed and left-handed users can use this to hold their leather while gluing or stitching due to the 360-degree rotational vice.

One can easily cover the jaw with leather to prevent scuffing that would be to the detriment of projects; the jaw also supports adjustable tension. Users can work on belts, wallets, purses, sheaths, pocketbooks, ornaments, etc.


  1. Tension can be easily adjusted.
  2. Allows working on all sized products.
  3. The surface is sanded down so it will not cause any scratches on your leather or skin.
  4. Mounting jaws’ direction can be changed based on your needs.


  • Not very durable.
  • Leather may slip at times.

Highlighted Features

  • The body is deformation-resistant.
  • Pony has a height of 14 inches.
  • It is made of splinter-free, polished wood.
  • 360 degree rotational vice allows flexible working.
  • Very lightweight makes it portable.

5. Fasttobuy Improved Leather Pony

Made to suit all the needs of a leather goods manufacturer, the FASTTOBUY Improved Leather Stitching Pony will assist your work greatly. The quality of this product alone will have you interested in all FASTTOBUY tools.

It is adjustable, allowing you to work in the preferred angle (it is easy to tighten), and is appreciated by left-handed, right-handed, short-handed, and long-handed workers.

When brought, you are also gifted with 400 grit sandpaper, two 1000 grit sandpaper, one 1500 grit sandpaper, and four sand strips that can be used to sand down the edges.

Made of high-quality beech wood, it has a wax coating that allows a splinter-free finish. The oily finish also makes it better for working with leather. With a durable build, it is likely to last for a long time.

Besides being suitable for supporting all-sized leather items like wallets, leather phone cases, handbags, purses, belts, etc., it can also hold clothes, paper, and canvas.

This solid stitching pony can be used for project after project, making it well worth the price.


  1. The installation process is very straightforward.
  2. Very comfortable for users.
  3. Comes with sandpapers.
  4. Allows flexi-work working due to adjustable features.
  5. Extremely affordable considering the high quality.


  • Clamps aren’t wrapped in leather.

Highlighted Features

  • The body will rotate to any angle while forward and backward turning can be adjusted by 180 degrees.
  • A wide adjustable clamping area to allow work on leathers of varying thickness and length.
  • Wax finish allows comfortable use.
  • It can be easily adjusted using a knob.

Buying Guide For Best Leather Stitching Ponies

When starting leatherwork, one needs a large set of tools to support their working journey and gain an edge over the competition. All of the equipment is necessary, and some are pretty expensive, so we get why you might want the best products that will last you a long time.

A leather pony is an essential tool in all leather workshops and thus needs to be chosen with much care after observing certain factors.

We will list them below to guide you in your buying process as an addition to our reviews.


Large stitching ponies allow working on different lengths and thicknesses of leather. Users can work on and produce a variety of goods while having an amazing grip.

The depths and widths on a large stitching pony are more, allowing enough space for large and weighty leather pieces. These allow working on products of all sizes.

On the other hand, small ponies can be used to make stitches on small products like wallets, purses, bookcases, etc. They tend to be lightweight and have a smaller base, allowing them to be portable.

The Junxave Wood Sewing Pony is a wonderful option for those who need to work on the leather of various sizes.


Jaws grip onto the leather to hold it while you work. Thus, you can guess that it is an important part of your pony and will affect your work.

While using jaws that are tapered, you can bring your hand near your work, allowing a more controlled workflow.

This is not the case for narrow jaws. It is also wiser to buy a pony whose jaws are wrapped with a smooth material; these grips gravely decrease the chances of your leather getting scuffs or scratches.

The TOSNAIL WOOD LEATHERCRAFT HAND STITCHING PONY has one of the strongest jaws you are likely to find wherever you go hunting for leatherwork tools.


We always want our working experience to be comfortable.

If you use a pony, you probably already know that a comfortable can make the difference between fast and slow work pace.

Thus, while buying, make sure to choose a handle with a grip that is likely to fit properly in your hands for comfortable use.

The FASTTOBUY Improved Leather Stitching Pony is a good option for a workshop where multiple users want to use the tool. The handle is suitable for people using left or right hand.

Rotating Vice

The rotating vice affects adjustability. It affects how much your pony’s head can move and hence, plays a major factor in working flexibility.

A pony that allows full rotation allows adjustment angles that fit your taste and lets you adjust it according to its surrounding.

Two types of rotating vices are available, 360-degree rotational vice and static vice. Static vice offers no alteration, unlike the 360-degree rotational vice.

Method For Usage

Some ponies require you to sit on them and carry out your work to hold them down (hence the name pony!); these tend to have a long base that can be placed between your thighs.

Others can be clamped onto your desk or screwed down; most of these can be folded down when you are done using them.

You can choose to buy whichever suits your workspace, price point and seems more comfortable for use. Or, you can go ahead and buy one that allows both functionalities!


Leather stitching ponies differ in adjustability.

Thus, it would be best if you browsed to find one that can be easily adjusted to all positions to support differing work conditions to increase work flexibility and productivity.

For example, the SIMPIZA LEATHER STITCHING PONY is a perfect product because it is adjustable to the extent of allowing a lot of support for different positions.


What Is A Stitching Pony?

A stitching pony is used to hold your leather in place to make stitches in comfort.

Those who manufacture leather goods usually allocate a lot of time to stitching. Thus, we need to have the leather perfectly positioned to allow some amazing quality, straight stitches.

Holding onto a piece of leather while stitching it simultaneously can be hard and draining; we all know the working process affects the work.

So, one can instead use a leather stitching pony (also known as a leather clamp or stitching vice) to clasp the leather onto a certain position. That way, it is easier to sew while maintaining consistent, good-quality stitches.

A stitching pony may look like a basic bit of equipment, but they do a mighty fine job.

Do You Need A Stitching Pony?

Quality is an important factor in the leather industry due to the immense competition. One can achieve first-rate leather projects by using professional tools.

The best stitching pony is an essential tool for leatherwork, especially in saddle stitching, where one needs to work with two needles; using a stitching pony is a must. It makes an incredible, noticeable difference in the work being done and lets users make amazing products.

If you aren’t sure if you need a stitching pony, borrow one and see how your work changes compared to when you haven’t used one.

Who Makes The Best Stitching Pony?

While expensive leather stitching ponies are very reliable, for lesser prices, one can find some of the best leather stitching ponies that will offer equally helpful features.

Some brands that produce incredibly good ponies for a lower price include SIMPIZA, FASTTOBUY, Tosnail, and many more that you will stumble upon after some research.

However, there is no one ‘best’ stitching pony, as everyone has their personal preference.

However, all the stitching ponies we look at today can easily become your favorite as each has something valuable to offer those doing leatherwork.


We have found five of the best leather stitching ponies and can assure you each of them can do an outstanding job. So, with these products now on the table, it’s up to you to choose.

Whether you require a pony for leather of different sizes, one that offers a satisfyingly secure grip, or a tool that can be adjusted to many positions, you will find an option for you on this list.

Stitching is such an important job; we understand you don’t want to use anything classed as second rate. That’s why we are delighted to be showing you these items that can aid you in your leatherwork better than anything else.

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