Difference between Togo Leather And Epsom Leather

Do you ever watch people carrying branded items like a very posh bag for example and you secretly wish for one? And if it is a spectacular brand, for instance, I really wouldn’t blame you. I mean aren’t bags supposed to be one’s best friend? The nicer, the better.

The popular French brand of all time which has been winning the hearts of customers since 1837 is none other than Hermes. They are specialists in the case of skins, furniture, perfumes, watches, lifestyle tools, and even outfits. However, they are particularly known for their high-quality leather.

Hermes has a huge range of leathers, all very different from each other having very unique features. In this article two of the very admired leathers will be described. Togo leather and Epsom leather both are very well-liked and hence are very strong alternatives to more expensive Hermes leathers. Concurrently, they are the best opponents to each other as well.

What Is Togo Leather?

Togo leather is a very well-known Hermes leather. Its introduction happened in 1997 and its name came from the Tologese Republic in Africa. Togo leather originates from the skin of calves. It is very lightweight yet can withstand a lot more weight. Although it has a raised grain illustration in its appearance, it nevertheless is aesthetically pleasing. It has a light-reflecting glossy matte look on its exterior. Beautifully veined and wrinkled with a subtle pebbled finish.

A plus point about Togo leather is that damages on it are easily camouflaged and even if serious damage occurs after prolonged usage, it is fixable to give a brand new look. This leather is weather-friendly since it has a waterproof texture. Being scratch resistant it also serves the need of a cat owner. It has very low maintenance and lasts very long. Also, it maintains its shape for a long period.

What Is Epsom Leather?

Epsom leather has a glazed appearance with intuitive patterns. This leather is not soft thus provides a firm structure. Simultaneously, it is very lightweight and easy to carry around hence is the perfect choice for travelers.

Epsom leather radiates luxurious vibes. It comes in varieties of colors; each color manifesting its intrinsic glow. Multiple tanneries produce this leather under distinct code names that explicate the manufacturing process of the leather.

An additional feature about this particular leather is that it can be cleaned very effortlessly- just rub with a wet cloth and that’s it. It is thoroughly adaptable to dirt and scratches as well as being watertight at the same time. Moreover, it prolongs its actual shape for an extended period even though it doesn’t age beautifully. It also is very hard-wearing and gives off an immaculate look overall.

Similarities Between Epsom And Togo Leather

  • Both are damp-proof as well as resilient to scratches.
  • They are hide of animals.
  • Both have a coarse exterior.
  • They sustain shape for a long time.
  • Both are uncomplicated to clean.
  • As for the price, both have a quite similar range.
  • They are available in a broad spectrum of colors.
  • Togo and Epsom leather normally absorb color well.

Differences Between Epsom And Togo Leather

Epsom LeatherTogo leather
1.Epsom Leather is lighter1.Togo leather is heavier
2.Has engraved grain2.Its grain surface is not embedded.
3.Epsom leather has a glazed appearance3.Togo leather gritty uneven appearance.
4. Epsom leather has a firm structure when used in materials like bags.4. Togo leather has a curved look.
5. Epsom has a shine on its coat.5. Togo leather has a matte finish.
6. It is available in an indistinguishable variety of patterns as its grains are unnaturally stamped industrially.6. It comes in a profusion of grains that resemble pebbles.
7. It feels dull.7. It has a lavish leathery feel.

Which Is Better; Epsom Or Togo Leather?

Both the leathers are outstanding options of leather to pick from. Both are pretty much affordable as well. But which one do YOU need?

The one that you want depends completely on your needs and your way of life. If you are more of a constant tourist and have to move frequently carrying the least amount of essentials then I would suggest Epsom leather is your best match. However, if you are one of those kinds of people who don’t like to carry more than one bag rather pack everything up into one then Togo is definitely is the priority here. You have to look at few categories to decide exactly which one would be the best choice for you.


Epsom leather has a shimmer to it but is quite dry to touch so it doesn’t feel that amazing to touch. However, different people have a different opinions about this feature. Some find it amusing whereas some preferably don’t. On the other hand, Togo leather portrays a bumpy texture in its appearance but feels luxuriously mushy when touched. It provides a more leathery feel.


Togo leather is a bit lighter colored than Epsom leather. Epsom absorbs color better than Togo so the materials made from Epsom have bountiful vivid colors hence prettier to look at.


As the Togo leather is very squishy, it is stretchable. Hence can withstand many weights at once. Epsom leather however can’t be extended that much, resulting in carrying lesser objects than Togo. Epsom has a very inflexible structure so can only bear a nominal amount of products. Thus Epsom leather is most preferred to be used in small-scaled elements like watch straps and pouches.


Yes, Togo leather is more weighty than Epsom leather but still in case of durability, both of the leathers are long-running. Besides, both are unaffected by water and scratches so their beauty remains intact for an extended period. Even if they somehow become dirty, it is needless to say how easy it is for them to get unblemished.


As mentioned earlier, Togo’s exterior appearance consists of well-defined veins whereas Epsom’s is quite the opposite. Epsom leather has a grainy design embedded in its surface. Both are beautiful in their ways. It is not surprising that both are among the most desired kinds of leather used for Birkin bags. Visually, Togo provides a gorgeously creative illustration that presents its very even surface as being lifted. Even though they are quite cheap, both are aesthetically satisfying because of the way they are created.

What Animal Is Epsom Leather?

Epsom leather is made up of skin from a male calf. It was set in motion in 2003 as a replacement for Courchevel. It is mainly differentiated from all other leathers due to its prepossessing exterior with engraved grains that don’t quite resemble the original grains of the animal it came from.

Why Is Hermes Leather So Expensive?

Hermes is a very famous brand that manufactures each product with the utmost care and dedication. It uses first-class leather that speaks of oral history. Many celebrities and influencers advocate Hermes’ service and that brought Hermes a vogue-like following indeed. Demand for Hermes products is unable to meet its tight supply, as a result, the price remains high. Hermes is known for its skilled workers. Each product is dealt with by experts single-handedly which takes about 2 days for each to finish. Time is expensive!

Furthermore, they don’t provide low-graded leathers; the hides are mostly scarce and tropical. The hardware that they use is always high-end metals like palladium, gold, and even diamond! Diamond plated buckles must have a legitimate price indeed.

They got a deluxe edition and the rarest of designs which are all handcrafted with exceptional stitching. Overall, it has an excellent brand image for its exemplary color pop. All items that last very long can be said life-long, which is the cherry on top.

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