Toughest Leather In The World

In a world of reproduced or recycled products, leather is the most commonly named product in terms of sustainability and quality. Leather is mainly praised for its durability and flexibility to cope with a lot of wear and scratch. But not all leathers are the same or good. If you are looking for an all-rounder solid material, tough leathers are the best option.

Kangaroo leather is recognized as the toughest leather in the world because it has some combined properties such as low fat, fiber composition, natural protection, and tensile strength. And it’s also very thin in comparison with other leathers, which makes it unique.

Some other leathers are also considered rigid, such as cowhide, ostrich leather, crocodile leather, etc. If you are interested to know more about the toughest leather in the world, let’s dig deeper.

What Is The Toughest Leather?

Leathers mostly come from cows, goats, sheep, snakes, crocodiles, kangaroos, and other animals. And these are transformed into various items such as bags, footwear, furniture, clothing, sports equipment, etc.

But if you want to know which leather is the toughest one, then we will vote for kangaroo leather. This provides more durability, tensile strength, resistance to wear. This leather is less likely to get scratched, torn, or scrape.

Kangaroo leather is 50 times stronger than goat leather and 10 times stronger than cowhide. It’s the first choice of anyone doing business in the tough leather industry, even though it is very expensive.

The hides from Kangaroo are primarily used for different types of rigid footwear such as military boots, football boots, etc. It’s also very famous for its use as motorbike leathers because of its toughness.

What Makes Kangaroo Leather Toughest?

Here are some unique characteristics that will make you understand why we choose kangaroo leather as the world’s most rigid and most robust leather.


In the matter of thickness, kangaroo leather is thinner than any other leather. Its average thickness is 1 mm, which is less than all other firmer leathers in the world. It is also very light weighted.

Though it’s skinny and lightweight, there is no scope for easy scratch and tear because it can maintain its original strength and consistency. It is the first choice of fashion designers because of its lower thickness, making it more comfortable to wear.

As it is thinner, the leather dries quicker and is perfect for those with foot problems.

Fiber Composition

Kangaroo fibers are the toughest because its unique fiber composition.

The collagen fibers in the kangaroo’s skin are aligned in a parallel pattern. If you examine this with a microscope, you will see a structure just like ropes which is very strong and consistent.

On the flip side, other leathers have multiple patterns of fiber composition. This characteristic makes kangaroo leather concentrated, tight, and flexible.


The hide from a kangaroo provides tensile strength and toughness without any hesitation. Kangaroo leather is more robust than most other leathers because of the collagen fiber in its skin.

Unlike other animals, it does not have sweat glands inside its skin which makes it stronger. It is examined that a piece of kangaroo leather of 20% thickness contains 50% of the original strength, which is remarkable when compared with other ones. Standard leathers somehow manage to hold only 1-4% of their original strength.

Low Fat

Kangaroos are the habitants of scorching weather. Also, they maintain a poor diet. These things explain why kangaroos have low fats.

When compared, kangaroos have lower fat content than cattle, goats, sheep, and others animals that produce leathers. Having low fats makes the tanning process easier.

This guarantees that empty voids are left on the skin, and the natural strength and flexibility will remain after the tanning.


Kangaroo leather can preserve its original strength for a long time, even after being cut into pieces. This is actually because of the lower thickness and fiber composition. And this quality makes kangaroo leather more durable, consistent, and versatile.

Natural Protection

Kangaroo skin is very elastic with no sweat glands and parallelly designed fibers. This kind of structure allows kangaroo leather to remain consistent for a long time than other leathers.

Kangaroo leather has natural UV protection characteristics. These unique features make kangaroo leather withstand a lot of wear and torn and remain rigid.


What Animal Makes The Strongest Leather?               

Cows, pigs, deer, buffalo, sheep, goats, crocodiles, snakes, sharks, elephants, camel, lizards, horses, eel, etc., are the animals that generally provide leathers.

But kangaroo leather is the toughest because of its consistency, stretchiness, collagen fiber’s unique composition, low-fat content, and tensile strength rather than other leathers that it can maintain even after tanning and cutting.

Because of its toughness, it is used in manufacturing uniforms for motorbike racers, which is a dangerous game.

Is Ostrich Tougher Than Cowhide?                       

As the fiber composition of ostrich leather is more solid and concentrated than cowhide, ostrich leather is more rigid than cowhide.

Though ostrich leather is costly because of its high-quality production process, it is one of the toughest leathers in the world. Its naturally-containing oils protect it from cracking, sun exposure, high temperature. It can also maintain its original strength and consistency even after being cut into pieces.

On the other hand, cowhide is less expensive and the most used leather worldwide. It is the standard for measuring other leathers’ durability, strength, and flexibility. But the leather can be a little inflexible depending on how the hide was treated.

Is Kangaroo Leather Tougher Than Cowhide?             

Without any doubt, we can say that kangaroo leather is more rigid than cowhide.

As cows are more available, many countries use cowhide in their leather production. It is famous for the comfort it provides and scuff resistance.

But a cow has multiple patterns of fibers in its skin. This quality makes it less rigid than a kangaroo. Because kangaroo has only one rope-like design, their hide is very strong and concentrated.

And compared to kangaroo leather’s other qualities, cowhide is thicker,  has a higher fat content in its skin, and the original strength does not remain after the tanning and cutting process.


Kangaroo leather is the first choice of any person working with leather because of its strength, flexibility, and consistency.

And as we have recommended kangaroo leather as the toughest leather in the world and explained the reasons, we hope you can use this in your next project without any worries. If you are going to invest your money in something, then do it on the best choice out here!

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