Vernasca Vs Merino Leather

The interior design of your car has a lot to say about the pride you get from your car. Leather materials have proven to be the best option available for car interiors for many reasons. They are good-looking, durable, and can handle everyday use. 

They can practically withstand almost any condition and serve you well in terms of style and comfort. They probably meet your criteria for an interior material that would look clean and decent for as long as possible regardless of your lifestyle. There are plenty of significant advantages to using leather, but they all fall back on comfort.

BMW has options for leather materials based on different factors, so it is important to know the leather that possesses which qualities. 

In this article, we would focus more on BMW’s Vernasca and Merino leather, their pros, cons, similarities, and differences.

What Is Merino Leather?

Merino leather is commonly used in the high-end M models of the BMW series and custom orders. They are natural, full grain genuine leather without an artificial protective coating. Their soft and smooth feel contributes to the comfort they give passengers.

They are the most premium leather with the finest quality among their bunch. They are quite expensive and cost careful maintenance to keep their quality since they are fragile because of their non-protective coating. Their lightness and soft texture make them vulnerable to scratch, stain, and rip if not carefully put to use.

Pros Of Merino Leather 

  1. They are genuine full-grain leather that develops a patina with time.
  2. Merino leather is the finest quality cowhide BMW has to offer.
  3. Its natural-looking texture beautifies the interior of a car and impresses passengers.
  4. Its luxurious look and smooth feel increase your car’s resale value.
  5. It is the most preferred in its bunch in terms of look, feel, and quality. 

Cons Of Merino Leather 

  1. Their lightness makes them less durable, making them very much more likely to scuff and easily rip. 
  2. It lacks a protective coating and, therefore, requires frequent upkeep. 
  3. They are the most expensive of the BMW leathers.
  4. It is super oil sensitive.

What Is Vernasca Leather?

​The Vernasca leather is real leather with protective dyes and finishes. They have finer grain stamped on their surface, which gives them a natural look like merino leather. They are low-grade leather with heavy-duty dyes and finishes that make them more durable and stronger compared to Merino. 

Though they are not as high-end or as high-quality as merino leather, they are a much better option for customers in terms of durability and less maintenance due to their heavy finishing. They are the standard leather on the BMW 5 series, and they are optional on the 3 series. 

Pros Of Vernasca Leather 

  1. They are protected by artificial dyes and finishes, which make them water-resistant 
  2. Their heavy finishing makes them very durable with a thick surface that wouldn’t stain or rip easily.
  3. They don’t cost much.
  4. They don’t require much cleaning and upkeep to maintain their looks and quality.
  5. They are widely accepted and preferred by many car users.

Cons Of Vernasca Leather

  1. They are made of low-grade leather made from lower quality cowhide.
  2. The heavy finishes make the texture rough, adding a hard feeling to it.
  3. They tend to wrinkle quickly due to their heavy surface.

Similarities Between Merino Leather & Vernasca Leather 

  1. They are both preferred options for many BMW drivers.
  2. They are both genuine leather with the fine grain on them.
  3. They both have a soft and smooth feel.
  4. They are both made from hides.
  5. They both have a premium and natural look and feel.
  6. Their looks and quality need to be maintained through upkeep.
  7. They are the most common and widely accepted type of BMW leather.
  8. They can get severely damaged on long-lasting exposure to water and heat.

Difference Between Merino Leather & Vernasca Leather 

1Merino leather is naturally grained leather with non-protective artificial coating or finishes.  Vernasca leather is an artificially embossed full-grain leather with a protective artificial coating and finishes.  
2Merino leathers are luxurious leathers with a high price to them.  They are standard leather with an affordable price to them.   
3They have a thin property that makes them vulnerable to rips.  Their heavy finishing makes them more durable and less likely to tear.  
4Due to their lightness and non-protected property, they require frequent and careful maintenance.   Due to their heavy finishing, they do not require much maintenance  
5They have a much lesser tendency to wrinkle   They tend to wrinkle easily because they are full-grained leather.  
6They are not dyed with any artificial colors   They are with artificial colors and finishes  

Merino Leather Vs Vernasca Leather: Which Is Best?

BMW has existed for over a century with impressive automotive design. They are known for their consistency in producing quality products for as long as they have been in existence. The products of BMW always comprise high-end, best-quality parts, including their interior. 

Let’s consider the best leather interior option for your car between merino and vernasca leather using factors like:


Both the merino and vernasca leather are made from animal hides. The difference in their source is in the quality of animal hides from which they are produced. 

The merino leather is produced from the finest quality of cowhides BMW has got to offer. Sometimes, they are also produced from high-quality lambskin after going through specific processes. Careful attention is given to the surface of the hide to ensure a smooth and soft texture because there won’t be any artificial protective coating on the surface of the leather when it is finished. It is all-natural. 

Vernasca leather, on the other hand, is made from cowhides only. Lesser attention is given to the quality of the cowhide since there are several additional finishes to be done to give it a protective coating on its surface. 


As beautiful and enticing as the merino leather is, it comes with the responsibility of careful maintenance to keep its looks and quality in shape. As it was stated in the source factor, they are produced without any additional layer or finishing. They are all-natural, light, and vulnerable to rips and stains. The merino leather tends to serve well and long if carefully maintained and has a very rare record of wrinkles.

Vernasca leather is produced with additional finishes on its surface. This additional finishing contributes largely to its strength. They are less likely to tear or rip and are resistant to stains, but they are more likely to wrinkle with time. They don’t need maintenance as much as the merino leather.  


This would matter more to people who care about the interior of their car as much as they care about the exterior of their car. 

Merino leather is a luxurious leather with a smooth, soft feel. They are perfect for people who care much about their appearance and the impression they make on others. They are to be used when you want to impress passengers. They come in several but limited color ranges that give that exclusive interior appearance your car needs, but they wear off easily. They are naturally grained on the surface. 

Vernasca leather is also widely accepted by people but cannot be compared to merino leather in terms of exclusive interior appearance. Unlike merino leather, vernasca leather has a larger variety of colors due to the wide variety of artificial leather being used. They are full-grained leather artificially grained on the surface. 


Due to the lack of non-protective layers on their surface, merino leathers tend to be easily destroyed by being exposed to certain environmental factors like sunlight, heat, and water. 

Vernasca leathers, on the other hand, can withstand these factors much longer than merino leather because they are protected by a protective layer.

How To Choose Between These Types Of Leather 

Choosing between the Merino leather and the Vernasca leather is a personal decision based on your budget, family or passengers, constant maintenance, and the nature of the car’s use. 

You wouldn’t want to purchase merino leather if you couldn’t take care of it or if you could not control the activities that are done in your car. The merino leather comes with a lot of care and responsibility, and considering the price, you might want to put these factors into consideration before purchasing one.

If your budget isn’t much, you have kids, you intend to use your car for some constant service or you don’t have time to constantly maintain your interiors, vernasca might be the best bet for you.

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