What Is A Leather Worker Called?

From Ancient times to still now, if one thing is still considered the sign of reverence, it is leather. Every leather product – shoes, bags, book cover, watch, belt, or home décor – has its own elegance and charm. And for that very reason, the leather industry is thriving more than ever!

A leather worker is just as valued as leathers, if not more. What is a leatherworker called varies a lot depending on the type of work he does with leather. A person who makes leather from animal skin is called a tanner. But depending on other materials produced by leather, a leatherworker can be called a cobbler, Griddler, saddler, or something else.

Leather work requires expertise. It is a history-long profession. To know more about what a leatherworker is called and why that is, stay tuned.

Definition Of Leather Worker

The art of leathercraft is precisely what the title implies. A leather worker, by definition, is someone who primarily works with leather to create leather goods.

Leather work necessitates talent, experience, and knowledge. Leather is a delicate material. It requires precise nutrition, processing, and management. As a result, leather working requires skilled craftsmanship, which a leather worker must earn via hard work.

A leather worker can also be called a leather craftsman, a leather craft smith, a leather craftsperson, etc. Leather works vary a lot depending on the products and the designs. But a person who does any type of work regarding leather is called a leather worker.

What Does A Leather Worker Do?

Leather work is one of the most ancient professions. And with time, demand for leather-made products has only increased. So is the variety of works related to leather.

A leather worker has to tan leather, process it to work on it, create patterns for leather products, manufacture them, distribute them, or sell them. He also makes designs for shoes, belts, bags, other leather-made furniture and also makes them, depending on the specific sector of the profession of the leather worker. Depending on requirements, the processing can take around 7 to 9 workdays.

So, cobbling, sewing, cutting, designing, tanning, making saddles, etc., are all the jobs of a leather worker. A leather craftsman does almost every work regarding the leather, from processing to making the products.

What Is A Leather Worker Called Depending On The Job?

Leather is a very sensitive material to work with. Not to mention that leather is an expensive material. As a result, the different roles of leather workers are well suited for various jobs to maintain such sensitive material.

It takes a lot of effort to work with leather. When it comes to leather, each job has a particular role to play. Some people turn leather hides into usable leather. Some people turn leather into a work of art.

Some of the different branches of leather works are noted below:

Leather Worker Who Prepares Leather

Preparing leather is the most important leather job of all. No leather work can be done if the leather is not prepared at all.

The process of preparing leather is called tanning. The person who prepares the leather from hides is known as a tanner. A tanner removes moisture from the hide and spreads fat on it to preserve it.

Leather Worker Who Prepares Horse Saddle

Leather-made horse saddle is always a sign of nobility. Almost every man of noble birth used to own a horse and definitely, a saddle made of leather.

The leather worker who makes the saddle is called a saddler. To make a saddle, one has to have the expertise to know the amount of blanket it needs and definitely, the design of the saddle. Saddlers also make other horse equipment that is made of leather.

Leather Worker Who Creates Leather Designs

A leather worker who designs decides the appearance and aesthetics of the leather are known as a leather crafter or leather craver.

A leather takes its expected texture and color because of an expert leather crafter. Leather crafters can also make clothes and other apparel made of leather, such as bags, belts, trousers, jackets, etc. But leather cravers usually crave the leather and create a design on the surface.

Leather Worker Who Creates Leather Shoes

The person who makes shoes from leather is called a cobbler. A shoemaker is someone who makes shoes regardless of any material. Cobblers, on the other hand, make shoes only from leather.

A cobbler is an ancient profession. Almost as old as a saddler. But it still is valued a lot for its unique design and excellent works. Being a cobbler has always been a rewarding profession.

Other Types Of Leather Workers

The use of leather is vast.  Leather is also used to make straps, lightweight garments, sword bags, and many more. Type of different leather workers, depending on the products they work on, are noted below:

  • Thonger: Makes straps and strap-like products from leather.
  • Scabbard Makers: Designs scabbards for swords.
  • Girdler: Creates leather fashion apparel and military wear.

Salary Of A Leather Worker

A leather worker’s income varies significantly as the leather industry is one of the most thriving industries. So is the income earned by the people of this profession. 

The average income of cobblers is 34700 dollars, while that of leather apparel workers is 27400 dollars. Leather goods wholesale dealers can make up to 30140 dollars per year.

Apparently, a leather worker earns quite a lot. The salary of a leather worker is 2% more than the national average salary in the USA!


Leather work is one of the most unique and innovative occupations. Passion, patience, experience, and expertise are all required when working with leather.

What a leather worker is called varies tremendously depending on the product and the needs of the client. But, at the end of the day, we can call them hard workers and enthusiastic people, regardless of their title. They are the ones who have kept leather crafting alive till today and is a true testament to the ancient art.

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